Thursday, October 01, 2009


It's officially October, yo! You know what that means?
  • 3 months til Christmas
  • 6 months til my birthday
  • 9 months til Wentworth's birthday
  • 12 months til the wedding

Ha. Okay, obviously that last one is a bit of a fabrication - I couldn't possibly plan my perfect wedding in just 12 months. Plus everyone knows I want to get married in Summer, not Spring.
Anyway, yeah, it's October, and I've decided to celebrate by adding a new feature to my blog...just scroll down and look to your right for "Greatest Hits", a compilation of (what I believe to be) my best posts to date. Really, just dynamite stuff.
Paramount? No
Pointless? Yes
Entertaining? Well...that's up to you guys.

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