Monday, February 06, 2006


so right now im sitting in english trying to decide whether i should
a) use this blog
b) continue on with my space
c) start a new blog all together on a different provider

comments welcome to those who have any ideas on what i should do
so what to do now
apart from stare at the random picture im supposed to be studying
but i only have 8 minutes left of school so really what is the point?
bubs just found a sheet that some random in year eight wrote titled "what does miss everingham want for me this year?"

that little girl is a champion
yes, yes, mrs everingham rocks
and so does mrs sally
they all rock
except some people cough maths teacher cough
ah back to school, and it feels like we were never on holidays
at least this weekend will be good
unless everyone bails
in which case i will put buckets on their heads that are too small to remove but just big enough to allow some air in so they cant even suffocate to remove themselves from their own misery
the day will come my friends
the day will come

holy crap im back

yes my faithful viewers, thats right
you thought id left you forever and ever for the comfortable and lazy ways of msn my space, but low and behold i return because im sick of my space and my old blog looked lonely

by the way, what the hell with those randoms who left those random comments on my last post?
hmm so what to do on my first day back in the land of blogspot
is it even called that anymore?
ive been away for so long
like an old man returning from nam
or vietnam
i dont know which one the war was in
until i blog next...