Thursday, August 07, 2008

And thats all she wrote, for now

Since its now less than 24 hours til i jet away for 5 months, i thought id give you guys one last blog to tide you over until i find a functioning computer.
and what better blog to do on my last day in sydney than another embarrassing moment?
The story begins.
Its a sunday afternoon, and i decide, for once in my life, to exercise.
AND to take Oscar with me.
which may not seem like such a big deal, but anyone who has met my dog knows that its probably not a good idea to try and force him to go for a walk anywhere, on account of the fact that he is morbidly obese and farts every 16 seconds.
Nevertheless, i decided to take him with me.
Everything was going great until about 15 minutes into my walk, when i realised that i had left the house without putting a bra on.
so now what do i do?
i cant keep walking, because its the peak dog-walking-season in Longueville, and a wall of middle aged women with miniature poodles are bearing down on me.
and i cant run home to change because, well, im a girl, and what self respecting girl would run 2km with no bra on?
eventually i decided to brave the army of dogwalkers.
and this time i dont think i imagined every single one of them looking at me weirdly.

and thats all ill write.
for now.
au revoir!!!