Sunday, February 06, 2005





this is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so very very very exciting right now

ok listen closely boys and girls, because today a miracle has occured.

as in they are going to give me a job!!!!


ok ok ok ok wait wait wait a second there, ok so they havent exactly hired me yet, but, im just going to type out the phone conversation right here

Jacki: Yo

Caroline: Hello, is this jacki?

Jacki: Yes, who is this?

Caroline: This is Caroline from Bakers Delight. I have your job application in front of me, Jacki

Jacki: (doing an excited dance around my room)

Caroline:Now I was wondering if you'd like to come in for a trial shift

Jacki: Yes!!! HIRE ME!!!!

Caroline: Haha...well seeing as you are so eager, how about you come in tomorrow? Around four?

Jacki: Ok...we're talking about bakers delight at the forum right?

Caroline: Yes...

Jacki: Oh kewl, because i tried to get a job at the bakers at lane cove, and they were all like 'uhhhh no' because i couldnt get there by four o clock, and i was all like 'hey, but' and they were all like 'sorry, no can do' and i was all like -

Caroline: Why dont you just come by at four. I wont actually be there because im pregnant

Jacki: (thinking - uh, i didnt ask for your life story lady, i just want you to give me lots of money so i can get a new phone, ok?) Right...

Caroline: So when you go there just ask for Susan, and she'll give you all the instructions.

Jacki: (desperately hoping 'Susan' isnt that chick who gave me the application in the first place because im pretty sure she hates me on account of the fact that every time i go there she sees me making faces at the Peach and Pumpkin Scrolls.) Ok, that sounds good. Do I need to know anything else?

Caroline: Yes, well, make sure that you arent wearing any jewellery or make-up, and bring some sneakers and white socks, and Mike and Susan will give me a full report blah blah blah

Jacki: Yeah, ok well ill be there at four o clock

Lady: Ok bye

Jacki: Bye

it was so exciting and after i hung up i did a victory lap of my bedroom
and it was good

bloggin off

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Welcome bak Jack

wow i cant believe i have resorted to this...


...for the second time...

...since like three months ago...

well yes i suppose it is time that i blogged again though i highly doubt that anyone will ever read this so i am just going to RAMBLE LIKE CRAZY BABY!!!




yes well enough rambling, thankyou very much, and now on to all the other crap that i usually talk about.

Another year of school just begun, yet nothing oh-so-impressive to happen yet, of course there are still the occasional "funniest moments of my life" -
  • Me pointing and screaming out in the middle of assembly on the first day back when i thought I saw Langdale
  • Cuthberts poor attempts to sing in unison during House Music Drama rehersals
  • Me having 'Tourette Like' outburts in Geography when i was unable to pronounce the word standards.
  • Pictures of women (or were they men? - one had a very suggestive bulge) wearing spandex on the centrefold of a National Geographic magazine discovered in geo
  • When me and Sarah found pictures of our year nine maths class on the wall in D 04 - possible Maths Teacher Slash Stalkers theory
  • Kat having Hitler as an idol (quote jacki: Is hitler dead?)
  • My and Mels ultimate dispair as we discovered that practicly everyone except for us has a job (thanks ALOT careers) and that they all got them easily.


About jobs though....lets review...............Last year in like the last month of school i was like ok i am so getting a job right now

First I tried Coles/Myer by filling out the online application - I never got a reply

Second I tried Bakers Delight in the forum - they said no

Third I tried Bakers Delight in lane cove - they said no (at this point i decided that bakers delight must be the ultimate evil)

Fourth I tried arisocrat in lane cove - they said no

Fifth I tried this random lil cafe in the village - they never called back

Sixth I tried Baskin and Robins - they said no

Seventh I tried Coles - they sent me an interview which i missed becoz i was away, so i asked them for another one and they ignored me

Eighth - sadly i went back to bakers delight in the forum out of my dispair (this was only today by the way) and they gave me and jess both applications and because of course we are THE most desirable people to hire on the planet im sure we'll both get the job, and then we'll be able to participate in many enjoyable activties such as:

  • Putting our shifts in sync
  • Throwing bread at the mean customers
  • Being suggestive to the hot customers (do you want a finger bun?)
  • Plugging a stereo into the powerpoint in the bakery and turning the bakers delight theme song up full blast, then forcing them to behave like they do in the ad.
  • Stealing pull-aparts
  • Wearing the uniform wrong in an attempt to make it stylish
  • Pretending to be Michael Jackson
  • Pinning our name badges to our school blazers
  • Jumping into the forum water fountain when our shift is over
  • Dancing around the customer service area and playing air guitars on the counter tops
  • Wiring disco balls to the bread racks
  • Giving people free food
  • Eating when the manager isnt looking
  • Giving EVERYBODY jobs
  • Running over to oporto in our break to see mike and get free chips
  • REALLY running up to the hospital in our break to see julia and get free coffee

and many more

well im off to dinner m'hearties

(sorry, still in pirate mode)