Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the best day ever

ok so today
the best day
first of all, i have no more exams, which means that for at least the next 60 seconds i can relax not having to think about any major works or assessments or the trials or that modern source analysis oral which i have no idea about but am pretty sure im going to fail.
so that was pretty much awesome.
anyway the day started out well because its wednesday and everyone knows that wednesdays are my absolute favourite days on account of the fact that they are the most awesome days ever, and then it got even better because despite the fact that i had to get up at like 630 to go to extension history, and we had to sit there in a panic when we discovered that t-watty was going to give our exams back, I DIDNT FAIL
what is this, you say?
jacki didnt fail extension history?
it must be some mistake!
but no my friends, it seems that t-watty has had some seizure in the middle of reading my essay and i guess he missed all the crap i put in there, so i passed!

as if that wasnt good enough, we had an excursion today to macquarie where i got to do two of my favourite things: hoard free stuff and annoy my sister.
anyway when we got back from the excursion it was only lunchtime but i got to go home because i had a double free after lunch (i told you wednesdays are awesome), and tonight heroes AND the most awesome episode of prison break (as if all the episodes arent awesome, expecially when wentworth miller is partially naked) is on and i am so excited i may die and last night Paloma got voted out from australia's next top model AND my mum bought cinnamon donuts and i got my eyebrows done and EVERYTHING IS JUST SO EXCELLENT I MAY DIE

so basically today has been so ultimately awesome that the goodness couldnt even be shrouded by the fact that we had to have some heinous injection today which im going to stop typing about RIGHT NOW because it ISNT awesome or cool or ultimate or super-duper and therefore CANNOT be included in my post about the best, most awesome, coolest, most super-duper, ultimat-est, best, best, most great, great, great, awesome, hunky-dory, its-all-that, bees-knees, the-bomb, wiggedy-wiggest, most freaking awesome day i have ever had

and its not even over yet
more after prison break (oh baby oh baby)


Kiera said...

you know what? my injection was so far from painful it was actually enjoyable. yes thats right I ENJOYED MY NEEDLE. just supports my theory she actually didn't give me a mysterious

Beth said...

haha i was thinking the whole way through that post.. "shes forgotten the needle! the neeeedle!"

haha kieras gonna die.

my needle hurt like all hell.