Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i fail!

you know whats really sad is that while, today, after our dt/art exam, most people were running around screaming "just one more exam to go! one more! one more!" and then probably happily planning out their four day weekend in their mind, i was huddled in the corner eating my own hair over the fact that i have not one exam left, not two left, but four.
oh, whats that you said? two? three?
and its not as if theyre the bludgy exams (which arent really 'bludgy' exams, i just like to call them that so i feel better about not studying for them).
oh no.
lets check out the line up:
  • tomorrow: english extension creative writing...which i suppose would be bearable if i was actually talented in the area of creative writing, which i am not. or if i had bothered to look at the criteria they gave us, which i havent. or if i wasnt a total idiot. which i am

  • friday: modern...honestly if i sat for three hundred and eleven years and read about nothing but modern and spoke about nothing but modern and thought about nothing but modern, i would probably still fail dismally.

  • monday: history extension...let me put it this way: probably the only subject that i suck more at than modern.

  • tuesday: english extension viva voce...which will probably be less of an actual viva voce, and more of 6 minutes of mrs fletcher and mrs betts tearing whats left of their hair (after teaching me for 2 years) out because of my utter lack of knowledge about anything remotely connected to anything.

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Beth said...

haha th funny thing is that pretty much every single on of those subjects mentioned are extension subjects.. :P

well be thankful in the fact that at least ur hand didnt die and get RSI and severe tendonitis so now u gotta have cchats with kampy bout special provisions, which even with you STILL fail..

haha actually i think you should write a blog about that.

about me and my plight of the crazed broken hand.