Thursday, January 25, 2007

back get off the rack

so ohmigosh today me and julia got back from
lord howe which was p0ssibly the best holiday of my life on account of the fact that me and julia met eric bana because he was staying in the same hotel as us, and his kids like loved us (klaus and sophia, we love you too), so we hung out with him for like a week and it was the coolest moment of my life
also he wore a red speedo and bent over in front of me and his ass was like a cm away from my face
i died
more later
jack xx

Sunday, January 07, 2007

valuable life lessons id rather not have learnt #1

just a tip:
dont sit on an open toilet seat with freshly moisturised thighs

hot day! hot day!

well finally it actually felt like summer today, after about a dillion years of us having to endure it technically being summer, but actually being like 2 degrees
which sucked hairy balls
it was a good day
despite the fact that i was woken up at about 630 this morning by the huge crashing noise coming from my computer as it fell to the floor out of my bed (sidecar: how did my computer get into my bed?)
anyway it was too early to figure that one out, so i waited until 12 before rolling out of bed and into the pool and spent the rest of my day doing what any normal person should spend the perfect summer day doing; getting sunburnt, eating and naming all our pool toys after various characters on Gilmore Girls.
oh yes
i love summer