Friday, October 26, 2007

how ironic that i wasnt really that big of a procrastinator until the HSC actually started.
ok i lied. i was always a procrastinator.
but, as i sit here and, rather than doing something studious like reading about Pompeii and Herculaneum in the pre-79AD era, flip between old re-runs of Gilmore Girls and that terrible scene in High School Musical 2 where Troy dances on the golf course, i realise ive officially sunk to a new level of procrastination.
and let me tell you, it feels phenomenal.
possibly even better than the liberation
that came from watching 'Prison Break with RUBBER DUCKS' on youtube the night before my hsc maths exam.

yeah. actually that probably wasnt the best idea. still. its always useful to have something to replay over and over in your mind should you finish an exam 15 minutes early.

blah blah blah, i cant be bothered to type anything else and since i doubt any of you will read this until the HSC is officially over, by which time we all would have died of old age, nobody will suffer from my lack of blog.
at least hopefully not
until next time!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shower Thoughts #24

Which is more concerning?

The fact that I care more about whether or not Sara will die on the next episode of Prison Break than the HSC, or the fact that I think I have nothing better to do than ask myself this question?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

prison break

proving, one again, that my favourite show isnt just the best show on television because of my future husband:

oh. oh.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

basically im just killing time until Heroes comes on, which is officially like, my 4th favourite tv show, even though there are now so many characters (several of whom dont even speak english) that it doesnt really make sense anymore.
like i care! did i stop watching Lost after that polar bear appeared for the third time without explanation? i most certainly did not!
anyway the point is, ive had a fairly not-so-great night, mostly on account of the fact that as i was enjoying my shower just 20 minutes ago, mother nature decided to kick me in the crotch, and a thunderstorm started.
which might not sound like a big deal, but anybody who knows me knows very well that there are few things on this earth that freak me out more than thunder. one of them is giant cockroaches, and the other is my sister Catherine during one of her rage blackouts. but apart from those, thunderstorms are the worst.
so as soon as the thunder started, my plan to dance-the-time-til-heroes-away-in-the-shower-with-the-help-of-my-trusty-dolphin-shaped-shower-radio was immediately thwarted, and the only thing left to do was run out of the shower, dry myself as quickly as possible, grab the dog from where he was cowering in fear under the coffee table, and my computer, and get under the doona in my bed, where im currently writing this blog.

argh! more thunder!
and theres still 16 minutes til Heroes.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

bogon moths

Jacki: (panting) mum! mum! you know those crazy-freaky moths you love so much???
Mum: (sighs) I dont love them, i just think they're nice

Jacki: whatever! what're they called again?
Mum: Bogon moths?

Jacki: I just got attacked by one!
Mum: You got attacked by one??!!

Jacki: Yeah!! In the shower!
Mum: What?

Jacki: Yeah! I dont know what happened! Everything was going great, i was shampooing, you know how i love shampooing, and all of a sudden, there it was! Buzzing around my head like one of those giant flying nazguls from Lord of the Rings. Ok. I've got to stop watching Lord of the Rings. But still!
Mum: Hmm. Thats nice.

Jacki: Hello??!! Did you not hear me? The buzzing? The freaking out? The shampooing interruption? The Lord of the Rings reference? - and i know how much you hate those.
Mum: Jacki its just a moth

Jacki: Just a moth? JUST a moth? I dont think so!
Mum: (sounding bored) Is that so, hmmm

Jacki: I'm telling you, it was huge. Bigger than huge. Colossal! Bigger than colossal! Gigantor!
Mum: (teasing) Not bigger than gigantor?

Jacki: MUM!
Mum: Just go finish your shower

Jacki: Oh no. I cant go back in there now! In fact, i may not ever be able to go back in there! I'm telling you, I havent been this scared of showers since I saw Psycho
Mum: You've never seen Psycho

Jacki: No, but i saw the dvd cover in blockbuster this one time, and i -
Mum: Just go and finish your shower!

Jacki: No! Ok, i havent been this scared of showers...ever!
Mum: What about the time you thought funnel web spiders lived in the sewers and one was going to crawl up the drain and bite the bottom of your foot while you were in the shower?

Jacki: Ok, apart from that.
Mum: What about the time you were afraid to have hot showers in case the mirror steamed up and the ghosts would be able to write threatening notes to you on it?

Jacki: Mum, come on, I was 8!
Mum: What about the time you were convinced that every time you closed your eyes in the shower, the freaky naked princess murderer from Thirteen Ghosts would appear and try to kill you?

Jacki: Enough woman! Look all im saying is i dont think you should be so loving towards those moths anymore, since one of them tried to kill your only daughter
Catherine: Hey!
Jacki: Sorry. Favourite daughter.
Mum: Fine

Jacki: Fine
Mum: Fine

Jacki: Fine!

the most pathetic thing about me is: the highlight of my week was being attacked by a moth in the shower.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

as of this moment, im lying on my bed, watching my cat snuggle into the green pillows on my window box, ignoring the disgustingly hot gale-force winds outside which will probably rip the roof off my house at any second, and thinking about how sucky is it that i only have 8 minutes and 40 seconds left of 'study break time'.

i loath the HSC with every fibre of my being.

Friday, October 05, 2007

stu vac or whatever the proper terminology for this crappy excuse of a holiday is

ok. ok. ok
first of all, its been way too long since i sat down at my computer and typed out anything that was in no way related to the HSC.
ok, i lied.
its been too long since i sat down at my computer and typed out anything.
that wasnt to do with wentworth miller.
or prison break.
or the fact that i am in love with wentworth miller.
and prison break.
and second of all, i think you should all take your hands off the mouse or keys or screen (should you have some weird fetish where you have to touch the screen of your computer) and give a round of applaus.
applause? aplause?
and clap.
because this week something incredible happened. I ACTUALLY DID STUDY!
i know its hard to believe, but its the truth. in between the sunbaking, the trips to lane cove shops, the prison break/lord of the rings/crappy horror movie marathons and constant dashes across the road for more jelly beans and red bull, i managed to sit down and write out some notes.

whether or not i actually retained any of that information? well, only the moment where i sit down to my first exam (english? thats just cruel), open the booklet and have a mental breakdown will tell.
oh. home and away.
until next time!