Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trash The Dress

Wow, 3 posts in 3 days. I'm on a role. I'm also in a little bit of a food coma. Mmm, food coma - my favourite type of unconciousness.
So anyway, apparently there is this new trend (I only just learned about it) called Trash The Dress, where recent brides completely destroy their wedding gowns. Like, they tear them up or set them on fire, or chuck them into pools or wear them while playing marathon rounds of paintball.
I don't get it. Still, I think I will trash my own dress by having one of those WWE wrestlers wear it during a fight. When I get married. If I get married. And even if I don't get married, I'll just pay a wrestler to wear a wedding dress on TV. Why not? Hey, it's not like I'll have a husband to tell me I'm insane and stop me.

Speaking of weddings, what is the deal with everyone I know getting engaged? By 'everyone I know' what I really mean is 'like 2 people I know and then a bunch of people I've just heard of', but you get the picture. Everyone is getting married! It makes me feel a little nervous. And lonely. And like I should probably start planning my own wedding. Check it, I've already picked out my invitations:
Haha. Gold. And classy too, no? I'm also going to have a Journey coverband, BBQ shapes, and Prison Break playing on a big screen at the reception. Personally, I think the 'traditional wedding' theme is kind of overdone, so I've decided to go with 'festival of insanity' instead.
And you're all invited!

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