Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Suck My Dunk!

Good morning, Sydney.

So hey, remember this post I did a while back about the new Prison Break: Behind The Scenes book that was coming out? No? How about this one, where I talked about asking my sister to buy it for me? Still no? Well then you really need to check up on my archives more often. Seriously, go do it. I'll wait here.

While I'm waiting, let me tell you about this crazy dream I had last night. I was part of the cast of How I Met Your Mother, only we weren't really a 'cast', because the show was real life. Does that make sense? I hope so. Anyway, me and the other characters were on our way to a swimming carnival at Lane Cove pool. It was the Roseville swimming carnival, so some people from my high school were there too. That was kind of cool. Kind of awkward. Mostly cool.
Anyway, there was an internet cafe at the pool (this isn't there in real life, it was just a figment of my dream-imagination. My dramagination, if you will), and Lily (of HIMYM fame) was using one of the computers to write a novel. Her novel was called 'My Friend Doug'. I remember, because she was using PowerPoint to make the title page, and it looked like this:

Haha. Yeah. Clearly, Lily is not too creative. But that was the title page of her book.
Now, here comes the best part of the dream: Lily went outside to get her wallet, and left her computer unattended. While she was gone, Barney (also a HIMYM character) and I changed the title, so that it read: Lily came back, and, not realising that we'd changed it, printed up 500 copies.
When she finally figured it out, she had a massive bitch fit and threw them at us. Now, why would she do that? That doesn't solve anything! What are we gonna do with 500 copies of 'My Friend Dunk'?? Well, this of course:
Hahaha. Get it? Do you get it? Suck my dunk!
...Yeah. To be fair, it was alot funnier in the dream. Perhaps we had been dream-drinking. Dreamking, if you will. That was terrible. But yes, Barney and I thought 'Suck My Dunk' was quite clever. Clever enough that we decided to post the title pages on every flat surface we could find. I actually woke up laughing. Really. I've never done that before.
Great dream.

Anyway, back to Prison Break: Behind The Scenes. I assume by now you have checked the archives and know what I am talking about. Well guess what was sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me when I got home this morning?
I am lying of course. It was actually the Prison Break book. Which is really almost as good, since one of the first pictures is of Wentworth Miller with no shirt on.
So yeah, Prison Break: Behind The Scenes = mine. All mine. To read as many times as I wish. Suck it, bitches! Or should I say, suck my dunk!...bitches!

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