Wednesday, December 26, 2007 on TV

didnt i tell you it would happen one day?

check at 14 seconds.
and this was ACTUALLY on tv
*dies with excitement*

Saturday, December 22, 2007

shower thoughts #26

WHY does the john west tuna ad have to be SO SCARY?
have you SEEN it?
the one with the sharks? its just an ad for tuna. TUNA. most people dont even like tuna. in fact, im pretty sure that apart from mel and my mum, nobody actually buys tuna anymore, unless, you know, its for their pet cat.
so why would the tuna people make their commercial so attention-grabbingly scary?? THEY DONT NEED TO GRAB ANYONE'S ATTENTION.
and why?
so they should KNOW that there's no point in trying to grab people's attention, because as soon as they start paying attention, they will realise its just an ad for tuna, and they'll go 'ew, tuna' and then what will they do?
unless they're me, and they become so transfixed by the terrifying concept of a man on a boat surrounded by sharks who is sure to be killed when the sharks leap out of the water and onto the boat, because they are being driven into a hunger-frenzy by the tuna he's eating.
you know what i bet in the ad, the guy isnt even eating tuna.
its probably some tuna-substitute, which sounds completely disgusting, but when you think about it, there really isnt anything as disgusting as tuna, so tuna-substitute cant be that bad.
and i just thought of something else
because thats pretty much what the john west people are saying will happen if you eat john west tuna. you know. every shark in the world will smell the tuna from inside your tummy, and they will go wild with hunger and desire for the tuna (ew) and will hunt you down until they find you, kill you and eat you.
and, subsequently, the tuna.

seriously, john west. put that in your pipe and smoke it.
yeah, so i just got done watching Dante's Peak, one of those truly nineties-style cinematic gems, where the basic plotline goes something like guy meets girl/guy likes girl/guy discovers girl has two illegitimate but perfectly charming children/guy proceeds to 'woo' said girl but is interrupted by discovery of charred corpses in local hot springs, and, later on, explosion of volcano situated on edge of town where story is taking place.
oh. so good. so so good.
and it wasnt just the ridiculously over-acted storyline. i think the fact that the movie also featured an eleven year old boy driving a car, a lake being transformed into pure acid, the complete destruction of the town within the first 40 minutes, and a mangy half-starved dog somehow able to escape from a house surrounded by liquid hot magma that put the icing on the cake.
i also loved the moment where, upon the initial explosion of the volcano, several cars parked outside the towns high school spontaneously burst into flame. completely understandable, of course.

whatever. now im sitting here, watching old prison break re-runs and drooling over wentworth, thinking its probably time that i got up and had a shower.
oh. wentworth just came back on the screen.
maybe five more minutes.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

catch up

its been a while since i could be bothered to drag my sorry butt over to the computer and re-count the ridiculously exaggerated events that take place in my life.
therefore i give you, a summary:

  • lake mac

which basically involved 11 insane teenage girls inhabiting a house for a week, and attempting to make as much noise, eat as much chocolate, sunbake for as many hours, dance as many dances and watch as many chic flicks as possible. excellent

  • schoolies

terrible nachos. melbourne boys. sunbaking. sauna. naked julia. wet and wild. channel v. all nighters. piercings. the best time of our lives.

  • i got a job

for a week. but still. i dont think any of us imagined i would join the wonderful world of work after that stint at bakers delight (although working at a bakery did allow me to think of what is possibly my most ingenious creation to date: chocolate chip scones dipped in icing, rolled in sprinkles and microwaved for 15 seconds. bliss)

  • new phone?

yes. yes! well no, not yet. but on thursday (thursday the day which is like any other normal day and has nothing to do with results WHATSOEVER) possibly i may actually come into possession of a phone that actually functions.

thats it. apart from OHMIGOSH the fact that there is now A PRISON BREAK RIDE at luna park.

shower thoughts #25

oh my gosh.
oh my gosh.


also. gossip girl might just be one of the best shows ever.