Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i love work

work is so much fun
on the weekend i got my first visitors!! wow it was so fun
booyah those who visited me! booyah indeed

hahaha work was so much fun me and stu had like 10 billion wars to see who could poke the other person the most, or 'pokey fights' as we renamed it.
pokey fights are the best, even tho i suck at them majorly.
stu mopped the floor just before we had one of our pokey fights and i stacked it so badly and this old lady customer like laughed at me.

and then i made puppets (one for each of us) and stus puppet ate my puppets face.
i love work.
its so much fun
its like getting paid for doing nothing because stu does everything for me.
because im 'Little Girl'
i love work!
tis so much fun!!

Friday, April 01, 2005

answer me THAT........fool

home and away was so good.

on another note, i have compiled a list of questions that i dont know the answer to and im sure that if i list them on my blog, someone smarter than me (beth, krob, lauren, julia, basically our whole school, my cat, EVERYONE) will come answer them for me.

  • ok first of all, im wondering, what is with old men and having hair in EXTREMELY weird places like, um, i dono, their ears????
  • can you wear glasses if you have no ears?
  • if you like rent a dvd from blockbuster, and then you like get run over by a bus or something and the dvd rental time goes over, do ur relatives have to pay ur late fee for you?
  • do stairs go up or down?
  • why do you always say 'heads up' when you're telling someone to duck?
  • when French people swear, do they go 'pardon my English'?
  • is the opposite of bald 'hairful'?
  • who was the person who first decided to milk a cow? like, seriously? who goes 'hmm, a large hairy animal, i think ill just squeeze these dangly things here and drink whatever comes out!'
  • in that song 'she'll be coming round the mountain', who is 'she'?
  • if forks and knives and stuff were made out of gold, would they still be called 'silverware


thats about it...

best friday ever

This has officially been the best friday ever
me and krob walked up to the bus stop at the beginning of lunch but we missed the bus (again - we've only been twice in the whole term) so we just bought hot chips and drinks and had a feast, then walked back to school and spent the whole of the last two periods bludging in the library

those people at the childrens place probably hate us now because we never come but oh well because all the babies hate us anyway.

  • JessBaby - this is probably the only baby that likes us; we call it JessBaby because its taller and stronger than all the others. It always does weird stuff like stand on an upsidedown bowl for like 20 minutes.
  • DeathstareBaby - this baby hates me and kiera. it has really big eyes and no hair, and kind of looks like an albino. It always gives us the biggest greasy in the world whenever we come near it.
  • HugsBaby - this baby loves krob but hates me. It gave kiera a hug, and then i go 'can i have a hug' and it ran away. oh well
  • ScreechBaby - this baby always screams at the randomest moments and it really hurts our ears. it hates us.
  • ViolentBaby - this baby tries to hurt everyone near it (mostly me) on our last visit to the daycare centre, it slapped me on the face, pulled my hair and threw a ball at me.

well thats most of the babies, there are a few more but they are too random to mention.

too too random.

well the people at the place would probably hate us anyway because we dont play with the babies, we play with their toys