Monday, May 09, 2005

so much to tell you

wow i havent blogged in ages and ages and i just thought to myself now i have to blog

wow lots has happened indeed since i last blogged. stu quit work :( twas a very sad moment indeed. but we had a farewell

well, i had a farewell. well, i wrote 'farewell stu love jacki' on the back of a paper bag and stuck it to the bread slicer.

mmm but that was a while ago.
on a different note, this song i am listening to at the moment makes me feel unloved. alot of things make me feel unloved. ironically enough, im pretty sure that all the things that make me feel unloved are the things that people design to make others feel loved. haha funny that. i laugh at those people and their foolish ways. or perhaps it is only me that feels this way about those things. feel free to comment at any time by the way.

Things that make jacki feel unloved
  • A Cinderella Story (the movie)
  • High (song)
  • Beautiful Soul (song)
  • Special Two (song)
  • Home and Away couples like Ric and Cassie, Sally and Flynn, Hayley and Scott etc
  • The OC (seth, summer)
  • The kiss-shaped stamp i keep on my desk
  • Titanic
  • The Kim Possible Movie
  • Heart shaped necklaces
  • This is my world (song)
  • Memories (dont ask)

haha and many more. but whatever. im too lazy to think about being loved or not loved. mmm id rather just bum around in my tinkabell pyjamas and watch movies and drink hot chocolate.

wot else has happened? oo i bort a new lipgloss w00t that was fun fun fun.

we've had netball a few times. ah our little team is so cute even wen they get frustrating and think that they are smarter than us (actually i dont really doubt that on my account). MY HAIR IS SO LONG NOW OH YES. wen the front bit grows a bit more twill be able to be tied up without the assistance of any pins. oh yes yes yes indeed.

how weird are noses?

my toenail like fell off the other day. twas quite odd indeed, and then i tried to hide it by painting the skin so it just looked like i had painted my nail but it looked quite strange...

athetics heats tomoz. wot a bludge. yes indeed.

arh i dont want to get back exams. except maths because a) i dont care how i went and b)we take sooooo long to go thru the test last year in the yearly exam we took 3 lessons to go thru the whole thing mwahaha was such a bludge.

wow this song is so cute. im not sure wut they are talking about tho

ah well i must be off. be sure to comment all you random viewers

adios ahora