Monday, March 27, 2006

the wait is over

the wait is over, its finally here:
the letter i wrote to miss shanahan during modern when i was supposed to be writing a diary entry that stated the activities of the Haganah.

This is not as gay

Diary Entry - 9th March 1950
Dear Diary,
Today I found out that the term "underground organisation" doesn't actually mean that we live under the ground.
I have to say, I'm a little dissapointed. But whatever. I still have other things to keep me busy, like today, my teacher in the ways of the Haganah, Miss Hanashan, made me research The Haganah. She said I had to know more about it before I could enter the exclusive club in the Haganah, which she probably only made up so she could laugh at me and tell me to shut up whenever I asked her a question. Whatever. She never has to know that I cry myself to sleep
every night because of the way she tells me to shut up.
Anyway, I found out lots of stuff which took up lots of valuable brain space, like that the Haganah started in 1920, in particular by activists in Jerusalem and
Tel-Aviv, who formed commitees, got some weapons, and recruited volunteers. I bet Miss Hanashan really wants to take over the world. Thats probably why she started her exclusive little clique in the Haganah. I wonder if shes the only member.
I also found out that in the riots of 1929, the Haganah proved to be quite successful. Probably because Miss Hanashan was there. I secretly admire her, and the way she streaks her hair. I bet she only told us that her little sister did it incase we didnt like it, and she needed someone to blame it on. But she doesnt have to worry. We really do like it. Well, I would like it more if she didnt tell me to shut up all the time. But I bet she doesnt even mean it. She probably only tells me to shut up so that she doesnt make everyone else in the class jealous, because she really likes me the best.
Apparently in the Arab Revolt (which was in 1936 -1939), the Haganah organised special squads. They were specially trained to attack people. The Haganah was officially illegal by this time. Illegal? My mum so wouldnt be happy if she could see me right now. I bet she would be happier if the Haganah people lived under the ground.
Seriously, that would be so much cooler. I read about this place where people live under ground. It was so cool.
I wonder if Miss Hanashan lives under the ground. Probably. And if she doesnt, I bet she wishes she does.
During the time when Israel became a state, David ben-Gurion (what a cool dude) decided that Israel wasnt allowed to have any armed militia (ok, maybe not so cool after all). But the Israel Defence Forces were formed on the 26th of May (2 months after my friends birthday), 1948 (wait, like 52 years before she was actually born. Whatever), and the Haganah became the official defence force of Israel. Yeah baby! They could not have chosen a cooler defence group. And not just because Miss Hanashan is part of it.
I wonder if Miss Hanashan knows its my birthday tomorrow. Maybe as my birthday present she wont tell me to shut up. Ah, the high road. I wonder if she will put herself into a big cardboard cake and do a dance for our whole Haganah class.
Wow. I just found out that KFC supports the Klu Klux Klan. Miss Hanashan told me. She is so learned.
She knows like everything. Maybe thats why she tells me to shut up all the time. Probably. Whatever.

I only have 15 minutes left to write this diary entry. Miss Hanashan just told me. I wonder if she will read this to find out how much I found out about the Haganah. Probably not. Or if she does, she will just write "shut up" on the top in red pen as her comment.
Well, now I have to finish this diary entry and go do some more work for Miss Hanashan before she tells me to shut up again.
Dont tell anyone I secretly crave her shut ups.
Until next time my sweet diary friend.


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