Monday, March 13, 2006

how annoying

ok so here i am in dt with ellen and we are both boring ourselves to death because in case u didnt know, writing a project proposal is possibly the most boring thing on earth

this morning one of those really annoying things happened at the train station, where you're walking one way, and some other random is walking the oppposite way like really quickly, and you're not anywhere near each other, until THEY decide to change their path and totally get in YOUR way and then make a huge deal out of it by going "pfft, sigh, how rude" etc etc, even when it totally wasnt your fault

ohmigosh its so annoying
and i was like hey buddy, we were totally fine until YOU decided to be a complete buttface and get in MY way so really you should be apologizing to me.
its so annoying.

anyway you guys have to know that you're lucky im here typing to you at all because last night i was almost killed.

by a spider.
like 2 weeks ago i saw it right above our dining room table, and i said to my mum, i said "mum, please get rid of that spider" and she said "no, it wont bother you" and my dad said "actually its moved quite far since this morning, when it was at the front of the house"
that is so scary so i told everyone if you dont move it right now, i will probably wake up in like 2 days and it will be right above my head and i will die.
but of course everyone ignored me because i am jacki, and they all assumed it was crazy talk.
two weeks later i wake up at like 1 o clock in the morning or something to find THE SPIDER, THATS RIGHT THE VERY SAME SPIDER right above my head TRYING TO KILL ME
it practicly climbed down my throat and tried to choke me to death.

so of course i had to do something about it.
seeings as most people kill spiders with shoes, i tried to do that, but of course i couldnt actually hit it with the shoe for fear that it would jump over the shoe and onto my hand, so i resorted to cowering in the opposite corner of the room and using a combination of spraying deoderant and throwing action figures in the general direction.
20 minutes later when the spider was still alive, probably plotting to kill me/take over the world (starting with my room) i decided that i only had one thing left to resort to.
i had to go and get mummy.

and of course she was angry because a) it was one o clock in the morning and b) the spider was only about the size of a 50 cent coin (so sue me, i dont like them), but, i had to remind her, this situation would never have come about if SHE AND THE REST OF THEM had just listened to me in the very beginning.

so there
be thankful i am still alive

back to dt

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