Wednesday, March 29, 2006

girls week out

since miss shanahan agreed to be my best friend/life partner, i compiled a list of things that we should (AND WILL) do together:
  • go to schoolies week together and stay in the star city penthouse suite
  • buy at least ONE completely matching outfit
  • attend a marriage counselling session
  • get our names tattooed on each others butts
  • dance naked around a maypole
  • declare our love for each other from on top of a mountain
  • get jobs together (preferably in a lingerie store)
  • have a 24 hour lets-pay-out-Jess-Morton session
  • stalk each other for a whole week as a personal joke
  • teach a history class together and be loved by all of them!!!


thefletch said...

haha, how fun jacki!! that sounds puff!! fresh!! mint!! boss!! sexy!! HOT!!!!! anyway have fun in history.

love you long time

Jacki said...

oooh me so horny, me love you long time!!!

SpeciaL GeM said...

jacki you are so hilarious where do you come up with this stuff?

Janey said...

i know jacki, where DOES this funny crap come from?!!

gem and i decided that the people who do modern AND ancient MUST go on an overseas excursion with the emshaz.

so puff.

SpeciaL GeM said...

its gonna be awsome!!!!!!!