Wednesday, March 15, 2006

mystery unsolved

so me and julia just realised that we have no idea what corpretts first name is
so we were trying to think, hmm, what could it be?
so i said to julia i said "its either something really manly like clint, or really un-manly, like jean"

so then julia looks in the school diary and found out his name starts with J
curious, very curious
so here is your mission: im going to list all the possible names he could have, u vote for which one it is and if i ever find out, ill tell yall.

  • jean
  • justin
  • janoni
  • jeckland
  • jub
  • jocky
  • jessheadface


SpeciaL Gem said...

im pretty sure its john but then again i dont no anything

Beth said...

i thought it was jason.

Katty said...

yeah.. i was thinking Jason too..

..oh well, i vote JUB!

Jacki said...

i found out what it was but then i forgot

oh no wait, its jason