Saturday, March 11, 2006

i miss holidays
so much more crazy crap goes on, like
  • our christmas dinner at crows nest when we walked through that really creepy ally at like 10pm and then sat in the park and at 25 dollars worth of food from gloria jeans
  • when me and madi hid in julias bed for 2 hours waiting for her to come home from the hairdressers so we could throw her a suprise welcome back from vietnam party
  • that time that we all went over to jacks for a movie marathon from 11 till 11, and someone spilt coke all over the rug and we thought barb was going to kill us
  • that same time at jacks, when robbie and jack told us we had to come walk the dog with them, and we could only stay at the house if we cleaned up, so we promised them we'd clean up but we ended up sitting around and talking and eating, and then robbie and jack came back and cleaned up for us
  • that time at lord howe when me and julia sat in her room for like an hour taking pictures of ourselves pretending to be other people
  • singing love song dedications on new years eve at two in the morning

only five weeks till the next holidays booyah baby

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey bo
hahahahahah omig id totali forgotten all that crap

so so so so so gold..
cant believe u spent 25 bux on cookies and cream cake at GJs which we ate whilst spyin on what we thought was alex and pat doin it lox

and BARB and the dog!! luv song dedications hahaha all urs 2 the mikes and the guy from ur work (nt mike)

'was it good 4 u 2'

luv boo