Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the jacki test

how jacki are you? take our test and find out!!

Question one: The name tag on the font of your school diary reads:
a) Your full name, neat and tidy, in black biro
b) a scrawl which resembles half of your first name
c) corb-dog

Question two: You have been known to stalk teachers...true or false?
a) false!
b) who told you that?
c) honey, they dont call me "creepy eyes" for nothin!

Question three: If someone were to pay you, say, eight dollars, would you ever drink paint?
a) how dumb do you think i am?
b) ill pay you to let me drink it

Question four: Its better to be...
a) rich with unhappiness
b) poor with happiness
c) naked with custard

Question five: If tv has taught us anything, it is that:
a) you cant believe everything you hear
b) it is normal for at least three of your friends to die per week

Question six: Have you ever taken advantage of anyone?
a) isnt that illegal?
b) no, seriously, isnt it?
c) pfft, miss shanahan practically begged me to

Question seven: I'm not really much of a musical person...
a) why not?
b) ill musical your person

Question eight: Has your own mother ever payed you out?
a) like, no. We're practically best friends
b) this one time. Actually, no.
c) she keeps score

Question nine: You were upset when you got out of the shower because...
a) someone had used up all the shampoo
b) it was slippery and you fell
c) you found an old uterus in the soap dish

Question ten: Which of the following makes the most sense?
a) the subatomic particle of etc etc...
b) iron helps us play!
c) man, they were the suckiest sucks that ever sucked! did i tell you how much they sucked? it was gay. gay gay gay. dude!

Question eleven: Danced in front of the mirror with no clothes?
a) ew
b) maybe once, when i was drunk
c) clothes?

Question twelve: Life motto?
a) If it werent for the last minute, nothing would get done
b) an apple a day keeps the doctor away
c) you just heat it, then eat it!

Question thirteen: Did you ever...oh never mind
a) yes
b) yes
c) yes

Question fourteen: Your favourite part of school is...
a) lunch.
b) english. man those naps are good.
c) toilets

Question fifteen: At the end of your ideal date, you...
a) get a kiss from your crush
b) polish your new engagement ring
c) drop miss shanahan home

Mostly A's
Dont worry, you're safe:
Mostly B's
Halfway there, you sexy wench.
Mostly C's
Zip up your jacki suit


thefletch said...

omg jacki that was the funniest thing ever!! no it wasnt just funny it was SEXY! PUFF! MINT! FRESH! HOT!!!!

love ellen..xoxo

Beth said...

i got "zip up your jacki suit"
oh yeah baby.
its the shaz shiz

Jacki said...

its the boss baby
old school!!