Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hey, so now that all my college work is finished, I've found I have way more time to acknowledge and ponder the numerous and seemingly insane thoughts that pop into my head. Like, if you chew gum really vigorously, does it count as exercise?
I say it does.
Also, who started the rumour that laughing gives you great stomach muscles? Huh? I wanna know, because I need to hunt them down and kick them in the crotch. I laugh. I laugh at everything. The only thing I do more than laugh is talk. And the only thing I do more than talk is breathe. And the only thing I do more than breathe is love Wentworth Miller.
So where are my great stomach muscles? I'd love to know. They're either non-existant, or hiding under my fat-pack. I'm not really sure what's worse.
The main thing that's had me thinking today, though, is why a great show like Prison Break was cancelled after only 4 seasons, but crap like The Beverly Hillbillies lasted for 9 years. I mean, how good can a show with the word 'hillbillies' in the title really be? TV with Wentworth Miller on the other hand, that I could watch forever. Not that I'm biased or anything.
Well, maybe a little bit. Whatever.

I've just discovered, one thing that's really strange about me (I mean, aside from my obsession with crap TV, the fact that I laugh at jokes that are offensive to women, the whole liking-everything-banana-flavoured-but-hating-actual-bananas thing, and I guess my personality in general) is that I've spent most of my life thinking Liv Tyler was Australian. What? Why? Why? Why would I think that? She doesn't sound Australian. I've never seen her in Australia. Her dad is Steven Tyler, and I knew he wasn't Australian, so... I suppose I'm just an idiot. Yes, that would explain alot. Like why I would reveal to my college teacher Celyna that I had secretly given her the nickname "King Kong Quisha".
Yes, I really did that. Gold.

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