Friday, December 18, 2009

I haven't really talked about the FBI fashion parade yet, but a couple of people have been asking, so I guess I'll do it now.
The first word that comes to mind is awesome. It was awesome. How awesome? I'll tell you - pretty flippin'. It was pretty flippin' awesome. You wouldn't think that having to get up at 7 in the morning, freaking out over the fact that you have no tampons left, running across the road to buy some only to get back and realise you have been locked out of the house, having to climb through a window and then finally getting back inside in time to call a cab to take you to The Ivy where you will spend the next 8 hours in a state of near-constant panic that everyone will hate your designs and the whole year of study will have been worth nothing would equate to a good time, but it really really does.

The world works in mysterious ways.

So yeah, pretty flippin' awesome. Despite the fact that Wentworth Miller didn't turn up to scout a costume designer for his next film, nor did I trip and fall off the runway into Alex Perry's lap like I was secretly-only-not-so-secretly hoping to.
Ah, well. You win some, you lose some.
Anyway, the clothes. I don't have any photos yet, so you'll all just have to use your imaginations to picture what I made - and please, be generous. Make me awesome. Eventually you'll see photos and I'll go back to being mediocre, but for now I think I'll enjoy being hypothetically fantastic.
Umm, okay. Now that I've re-read that last sentence, I'm not so sure it actually makes sense. Again, just use your imaginations.
So like I said, the whole thing was pretty great. And as with all events that I consider great, I have compiled a 'Top 5 Moments' list. Enjoy:

5. Our principle's inspiring speech at the 10AM parade briefing
"I know I've said this before, but you really have been the best group of students we've ever had at FBI; you're all so mature and co-operative and creative. And today is your final day - so don't blow it!"
4. Steaming our clothes in a pitch-black hallway backstage
Mainly because the steamer leaked all over one of my skirts, bringing me to a pretty comical stage of near-hysteria. And also because the steam smelt like pot.
3. All my clothes, accessories and shoes fitting the models perfectly
That kind of relief is better than crack.
2. Having just enough spare time to form a comedic Lady GaGa cover-band with Karina
Lady HaHa - performing soon on the corner of a deserted street near you!

And finally...
1. The after-party
Because teachers, drinking and The Ivy swimming pool is always a fun combination.

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