Friday, May 11, 2007

Shower Thoughts# 21

ok i changed my mind
the most annoying thing in the world is not the fact that while most people had only 1 exam left, i had 4, or the fact that Wentworth Miller hasnt proposed to me yet.

Its that feeling when you hop out of the shower feeling petal smooth and daisy fresh, and then you realise you missed a huge patch on the back of your calf when you were shaving your legs.

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jimi said...

Without creativity you wouldnt have this blog and even if you did,it wouldnt be anywhere near as interesting. Further I am yet to find any grammatical errors in your typing..more that I can say for myself..I would think that on that premise you would be able to pass any exam pertaining to the english language. Well I hope so anyway..we dont speak much english in the woods..matter of fact we dont speak much of anything on account that there is no "we"..just me and too busy counting body bags to be speaking....or anything else