Saturday, May 19, 2007

so i think roseville has this problem, because they havent yet realised that it is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE that i should have to endure getting back ALL OF MY EXAMS EXCEPT FOR ONE in the THREE DAYS directly following the actual exam period
do they not understand?
can they not fathom?
theyre exams
i need time to bathe my exam-inflicted wounds, but ohhhh no, no, no, here at roseville, we dont give you time to heal, we just shove your failed exam down your throat and hope your parents dont sue us.
even miss mitchell, the woman who is infamous for handing back exams so late that she actually has to blow dust off the top to see what the exam was even about, managed to give me my sucky mark in ancient, which was, by the way, in 5th period on a friday, and really put a damper on the whole i-have-modern-next-and-i-havent-seen-miss-shanahan-for-like-10-years-and-i-cant-wait-t0-start-annoying-her-again thing
which sucked.
so i kind of lost my train of thought there but basically emmy rocks, exams suck, and as far as im concerned the next episode of prison break couldnt come fast enough

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