Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dear Fox 8

so i just got done watching australia's next top model and im so enraged by the fact that jordan got out and alice didnt that i decided to draft a letter of concern to Fox 8.
so this is it.

To the wonderful people at Fox 8,

Over the years, I've come to love the services that Fox 8 provides. Not just the weekend morning Simpsons, or the new years day Simple Life marathon. Not just the break-free Lost on sunday nights, or the re-runs of America's Next Top Model. Not just the fact that you air Prison Break, which stars my future husband. I really do love Fox 8.
I have some concerns with the most recent showing of Australia's Next Top Model, and particularly some of the judges decisions regarding contestant Alice.
It has recently come to my attention that Alice is the worlds biggest mole.
I mean come on.
Who cries about getting sunburnt and then peeling? WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA ALICE. WE HAVE SUN HERE. And the "I'm so angry that I have to go swimming when my swimming costume is still damp from the last time I went swimming, during which I also complained over the fact that I was getting my swimming costume wet, and I spend too much of my time whining about having wet swimming costumes that I will forget to dry it, and then next time I go swimming I will complain about how it is still wet, and the circle of whinging will continue for ever and ever and ever until Jacki Trew's head explodes" thing is also quite infuriating.
So, in conclusion, I suggest that you, at Fox 8, provide me and all my friends with tickets to the live season final of Australia's Next Top Model so that we can live out our lifelong dreams of throwing poo at Alice as she walks down the runway.
Yours sincerely
Jacki Trew

p.s Thankyou for firing Erica Heynatz.


Beth said...



we should be more worried about the fact that steph didnt get out!!

steph is a mole and i hate her and i would rather alice win than her! so ha.

but i wanted jordan to win.. so im pretty annoyed she got out!!

Janey said...