Friday, May 04, 2007

Pussycat Dolls: the search for the next prostitute

can i just take this opportunity to point out how retarded that pussycat dolls reality series is.
first of all, the first person to get eliminated was eliminated because, according to the judges, she "danced too much like a whore", "was too sexy", and "looked like a stripper". In THAT SAME EPISODE, those SAME JUDGES locked each of the contestants into a confined glass box, and made them dance in burlesque lingerie in front of a whole restaurant full of people.
then, in the most recent episode, contestants wore what amounted to little more than a pair of fishnet stockings and lacey nipple warmers, and pole danced to "hey big spender".

second of all, the contestants are being judged on their ability to sing and dance. Now im no big music producer, but doesnt it seem a little unfair to judge the next pussycat doll on abilities that the current pussycat dolls dont actually possess? Can the pussycat dolls sing? Can the pussycat dolls dance? No. no they cant. they just stand in a row, dirty dance in lingerie and occasionally murmur something like "five dollars an hour".

but yes. yes. i do watch it every week.
shut up! if i didnt, you wouldnt be able to read about how sucky it is.

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jimi said...

of all the things that I have lost in my life..I think I miss my mind the most...however I think you have a wonderful mind and should you ever get tired of it maybe I can borrow it for a short would certainly spruce me up..I think I am going to my execution tomorrow...something to do with the tax dept...scary....