Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ohh prison break
that show makes me so very very very happy
*basks in the light of prison break*
so apart from coming on to vent my love about prison break, which i can only do on my blog, and sometimes with emmy, except pretty much never with emmy because with her i run the risk of hearing things about prison break that i dont want to know, even though im pretty sure theyre not true, like the time she told me that lincoln died even though clearly, without lincoln there would be no story, because there would be no old man to make fun of.
what was i saying?
oh yes
so apart from coming on to vert my love about prison break, i also remembered that i forgot to say that ONCE AGAIN it has been proved that lane cove is THE ULTIMATE SUBURB
my mum needed to get a skirt for martins bangin 50th, so we went to lane cove since according to my mum its "the only place i can find normal clothes for old people like me"
that strange woman
anyway, so she was buying her skirt and i was standing next to her and noticed these pens on the counter, and since they were covered in sparkles and i have the attention span of a 6 year old boy, obviously there was a connection, and i started playing with them, and then the lady goes "you can take one of those"
and dont think that i hadnt noticed the $10 price tag on those pens
yeah thats right baby. 10 bucks. and the lady gave it to me
to me
for FREE
so there you have it. lane cove is the ultimate suburb, and that lady is the ultimate lady.
that, and the fact that sarah and michael totally hooked up on prison break (during which i was picturing my head on sarahs body), has made this day, the most ultimate day in jacki history

at least until next wednesday


Clare said...

*TOTALLY lives in lane cove 'cause shes the most amazingly great human being alive*

you know it.

Beth said...

wasnt yesterday totally the best day in jacki history??