Wednesday, May 02, 2007

why catherine trew should go die in a hole

ok so the reason i was falling asleep for pretty much all of today is because last night my darling sister decided to ignore me for pretty much the whole evening, and then start paying attention to me just as i was going to bed (which was nice and early by the way, so that i could be petal fresh for extension history the next morning).

so it was about 11, and i was climbing into my warm inviting bed and had just settled down to continue the couragous adventures of harry potter when this thing jumps onto me and the following conversation ensued:

jacki: what the hell?
catherine: im bored. lets talk.
jacki: no, i have extension history tomorrow and im already failing dismally
catherine: ew extension history, ew, why do you even do that
jacki: im going to sleep now
catherine: no! wait! five minutes, please?
jacki: five minutes. thats it.
(five minutes later)
jacki: ok thats it, get out.
catherine: no!
jacki: come on catherine.
catherine: no!
jacki: get out of my bed or i'll rip your face off
catherine: just five more minutes, please?
jacki: ok five minutes, then im putting my foot down.
(thirty-five minutes later)
catherine: so whatever happened to putting your foot down?
jacki: shut up
(twenty minutes later)
jacki: (sitting up) ok catherine, time to go.
catherine: never! (pushing me back down)
jacki: ow!
catherine: how could that possibly have hurt?
jacki: I hit my head on harry potter!
catherine: what the hell are you doing reading harry potter
jacki: shut up, he's the coolest!
catherine: whatever

..anyway the harry-potter-is-cool-no-he-isnt-um-yes-he-is conversation eventually led to the why-is-that-girl-who-plays-hermione-such-a-bad-actor conversation, which led to the when-will-sarah-and-michael-hook-up-on-prison-break conversation, which led to the oh-mi-gosh-its-only-tuesday-night-and-im-already-dead conversation, which led to the what-the-hell-are-you-still-doing-in-my-bedroom conversation, and by the time i fell asleep it was time to wake up and go to history extension.
and that is why my sister is now decomposing under our house.

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