Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the ultimate suck

so today was in such strong contrast to last wednesday that if i tried, i could probably sit down and write a kick-ass A-grade english paper about it, although after typing that, i realise that this hypothetical paper would probably be neither kick-ass nor A-grade since nobody who has anything to do with the english department will ever be interested in anything i have to say, especially if it involves miss shanahan or prison break.

nevertheless i shall still proceed to explain the utter suckiness of my day, because (hopefully) nobody who reads this is a member of the english department, although i do have lingering suspicions that mrs fletcher reads it to cure her insatiable "jacki cravings".
first of all, i had to wake up early to go to history extension, which, on any normal wednesday, would have been pretty ok, on account of the fact that it is wednesday, and no matter how early it is, no wednesday morning can ever get me down because it is common knowledge that i consider wednesdays the best days ever, except for THIS wednesday i already had a feeling that it was going to be a suck day (more about that later), so when i woke up, even though i should have been filled with joy and happiness because it was wednesday, the best day ever, i was filled with doubt and self-loathing, because it was wednesday, the worst day ever.
wednesday. a bad day.
i didnt even think that was possible.

anyway the suckiness continued because for the first three periods of the day i couldnt think about anything apart from how much i dislike alice from australia's next top model on account of the fact that she is a giant giant mole.
anyway, after that, we had ancient, which i thought may have had a chance of salvaging the day, but oh no, since miss mitchell was in some weird i-feel-like-torturing-jacki mood, and made me sit in some random assigned seat like 10,000km away from everyone else, and then proceeded to point out that i hadnt done yesterdays homework EVEN THOUGH I WAS AWAY YESTERDAY and therefore had no way of knowing that i even had ancient homework.
i mean come on.

anyway, after lunch (which wasnt even that good, thanks mum) i thought that maybe, maybe, maybe, since we had modern in 6th period, miss shanahan might feel it in her heart to realise my suffering and finally admit her undying love for me to cheer me up, but oh was i wrong, since not only did she laugh in my face after i explained how much of a sucky day i was having, but she then proceeded to laugh in my face about how she has the entirety of prison break season 2 on dvd, and how she COULD burn it for me and give it to me, but she wont, because, in her words...

emmy: it would be like some a currant affair program. "teacher gives student illegal drugs"
jacki: call me crazy but i dont think a dvd lies in the same area as illegal drugs
emmy: whatever. their pirated. thats so illegal
jacki: ive done too much illegal stuff to care at this point
emmy: they'd come after me!
jacki: i have like $1000 worth of pirated music on my computer and nobody's come after me yet!
emmy: whatever. end of discussion.

i mean how unfair is that!?
anyway, and i havent even got to the worst possible part of this wednesday yet.
yes. thats right.
it gets worse.
of course everybody knows that one of the best parts about wednesday is the fact that prison break AND heroes are on.
well guess what?
thats right. thanks alot channel 7, for moving heroes to thursday, and then NOT PUTTING PRISON BREAK ON AND NOT EVEN EXPLAINING WHY
so now i have to sit in a stupor and sulk over the fact that im watching some homosexual johnny depp movie instead of prison break starring wentworth miller, my future husband.
and also try to imagine ways to torture whoever decided to not put prison break on tonight.

so there you have it. pretty much an essay on why this day has sucked.
i can only hope that in the four hours i have left of tonight, something happens to at least salvage the day, so that i may retain my faith in the wonder, the beauty and the awesomeness of wednesdays.

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special gem said...

i totally agree alice is the worst one and some people are like but i like and im like no shes boring has no personality and just sucks in all of her photos