Sunday, October 11, 2009

Auntie of the Year

My wireless internet connection isn't working, and it's making me crazy. I mean, more so than usual. But yeah, it's been out for almost a week. I would have blogged about this before now, but um
a) How does one blog without the internet? And
b) I'm extremely busy and important ('Extremely busy and important' here meaning 'A lazy shit')
Yeah. It sucks because the longer I go without internet, the more I want to blog about how annoyed I am that I have no internet. But because I have no internet, I'm unable to blog about how annoyed I am. And that makes me more annoyed - which, in turn, increases my desire to blog. Oh, my gosh. It's a vicious cycle of pointless rage - something I'm not unfamiliar with, as those of you who read this blog on a regular basis might have guessed.

In other news, my sister and I recently had one of our most intelligent and meaningful conversations to date:

Jacki: Dude, how freaky is it that one of us is probably going to have a kid some day?
Catherine: Totally.

Ha! Really though, is anyone else kind of terrified for my sisters' hypothetical future offspring? If my childhood memories are anything to go by, they're all getting helmets for their first birthdays. And some advice: Kids, if you're allergic to anything, don't fall asleep in your mothers' presence.
Jacki Trew - future Auntie of the Year.

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