Thursday, October 29, 2009

Babysitting, TV, Crazy People And A Few Other Things

I babysat last night. It was pretty awesome.
Because as much as I complain about/claim to loath babysitting, it's always pretty awesome. What's not to love? Aside from the part where you have to take responsibility for another persons life, it's a total breeze. Sit on couch + watch TV + consume food. It's an easy enough equation, and one I've had plenty of time to practice at home. Only this way, I get paid!!
About that whole "taking responsibility for another persons life" thing, though. That bit I'm not so fond of. What happens if the house gets stormed by a gang of serial killers? Who do I save first? Myself? The kid? The $4000 flat-screen TV??
Alright, it's obviously the kid. But wait a second...what if there's more than one kid?? Which one do I save first? The 6-year-old, because she's got all the good toys, or the baby because he's easier to carry??
Thank goodness there's foxtel and a pantry full of food to distract me from these thoughts - without them, I might just go crazy!!
Speaking of going crazy, I saw this movie the other day called The Signal, where there was this weird broadcast being shown on all TV/Radio networks, and anyone who saw/listened to it went crazy and killed everyone around them. And then themselves. Needless to say, it was pretty disturbing, but enjoyable all the same. Actually, probably more disturbing than the movie itself was the fact that I enjoyed it. Huh. Just something to think about.

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