Monday, October 12, 2009

Bearded Lollypop? Genius!

I've started and not finished like 3 different posts in the past 24 hours. I don't know what's going on with me, I'm just having issues committing to any one blog. Am I a blog whore now? This definitely feels like blog-whore-type behavior.
I guess I'm cool with that. Not that there's anything cool about being a whore, but, well, if I was going to be any kind of whore, I suppose Blog Whore would be my first preference. And whoa, this conversation just got way awkward, not only because I just capitalised the word 'whore' (I mean, that just feels wrong to me), but also because my Mum is probably reading this right now and going 'I knew we should have given her up for adoption'.
So, to recap, it's been barely 2 paragraphs and I've already offended:
a) My mother
b) Myself
c) Prostitutes
d) Humanity in general, I'm guessing
Wow. Good day for me.
Anyway as I was saying: 3 unfinished posts in the last day alone. The first was about how much I suck at baking brownies - and I do. I really do. Even if I follow the recipe instructions with exact precision, they always come out of the oven in one of two conditions:
1) Severely undercooked, like, to the point that the only way to consume them is through a straw
2) On fire.
The second was a pointless internal debate over whether Lady Gaga is trying to be Katy Perry, or Katy Perry is trying to be Lady Gaga. I mean, really, who even cares? They're both completely nuts. Whatever. End of story.
The third was the result of a little shameless late-night-surfing-the-archives-of-my-own-blog activity. Yeah, I do that. And good thing I do, because - hello, irony - it gave me something to blog about. Remember this birthday cake Catherine and I made for our friend Daniel a few months back?

Yeah, I know. We are fantastic. Anyway, not the point. The point is, I had several comments on this photo, but not ONE of them was about whats going on in the top right hand corner:

Yeah. That's a bearded lollypop, people. Not only is that hilarious, it's also incredibly strange. I don't know what's going on with you lot; either my readership is way lower than I thought (like, zero), or you've all become so accustomed to my weirdness that a lollypop with facial hair just isn't that big of a deal. Either way, I don't care, because I've just realised that my three previously abandoned blogs are now complete, and I'm off to celebrate with a chocolate icecream and 4 episodes of Prison Break.

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