Monday, October 05, 2009

How On Earth Did I Make It Through High School?

Holy crap, am I on a blogathon today or what? Well, whatever. Not the point.
I was just going through some of my old school notes, you know, seeing what I could throw away, and I came across a class assignment that I'd written for English Extension 1, on the subject of The Bronte Family.
...Yeah. This is - and I kid you not - a direct quote:

"Anyway, the only cool thing about The Bronte Family is that they must have been on drugs or something, because Beth and I figured out that the mother, whose name was Maria, had two children called Maria and Elizabeth, and they had an aunt called Elizabeth, who was Maria's sister, and she also had a child called Maria, who had two children called Maria and Elizabeth. I mean, no one who is not on pot is stupid enough to name that many people in their family Maria and Elizabeth. Right?"

Oh man.
I'm awesome.

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