Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Jacki Trew, and I'm a laughaholic

I finally found out what kind of whore I am!!
Oh, man. That sounded terrible. Sorry, Mum.
But you know, the other day I was entertaining the idea that I'd become a Blog Whore... I've since decided this is very much untrue, on account of the fact that I've been blogging here for over 5 years, only pausing once for a brief flirtation with MSN Live Space - If that's not a monogamous relationship, I don't know what is.
Or should I say moBLOGamous relationship ;)
I shouldn't?
Fair enough.
Anyway, where was I?
Oh yeah. So I'm not a Blog Whore, but here's what I discovered:
I, Jacki Sarah Trew, am a Laugh Whore.
I am. I really am. Warning, comedians and alike: don't feel too good about yourselves when I laugh at one of your jokes, because I am way loose with the laughter. I give it away too easy. I laugh at pretty much everything - even the stuff you're not supposed to laugh at.
ESPECIALLY the stuff you're not supposed to laugh at. Like, when I was watching this DVD (can you guess which?) commentary last night: all the guy did was say "Cats suck" and I was in hysterics for like, 20 minutes.
...Alright, to be fair, my own cat walking past at that very second while giving me the filthiest look she could muster probably made it a bit funnier.
But still.
So thats it: I'm Jacki Trew, and I'm a laughaholic. (That was for Mum - 'laughaholic' sounds so much more ladylike than 'laugh whore', don't you think?)

Oh, and the DVD commentary? It was Prison Break. Duh.

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