Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alot Of Pointless Chatter About Movies

I don't really know what to say. Am I running out of things to blog about? Well, no. But I just saw on the news that a couple of days ago, some baby got run over by a train and survived.
Dude. My biggest achievement in the last couple of days was fixing our DVD player; at the time it was pretty impressive, but now it just seems kind of mediocre. Thanks, train-defeating baby. Thanks alot.

I watched The Shawshank Redemption today. At least, I tried to watch it. I always wanted to, partially because it seems like one of those critically-acclaimed-type movies that you feel smarter having watched (like Citizen Kane or The Hours), but also because it's set in a prison, and anything that's set in a prison reminds me of Wentworth Miller/Prison Break, and anything that reminds me of Wentworth Miller/Prison Break makes me happier than this guy:

And I mean, that's a pretty happy guy. Can't you tell?
Anyway I'm not sure how long into the movie I got before I realised it really had nothing to do with Wentworth Miller - probably around the point where the protagonist is gang-raped by a band of man-hungry prisoners. And I didn't last much longer than that. I might have actually stuck around for the rest, if it weren't for the fact that my dad was watching it with me.
Yeah. By myself, fine - but there is something acutely uncomfortable about watching a guy get gang-raped with your father in the room. Really, I wouldn't recommend it.
But anyway. I didn't finish Shawshank, I haven't seen Citizen Kane or The Hours, and at college on friday I had a brain-freeze while adding some measurements together, and forgot how to carry the one. So right now I'm not feeling too intelligent.
Hey, speaking of movies and not feeling too intelligent, I watched Dodgeball last night. Now that I've actually typed out that segue, I'm aware of how terrible it is, but hey - it worked in my head, so I'm leaving it. Anyway, I have nothing interesting to say about Dodgeball, except that it'd been a while since I'd seen it, and I'd kind of forgotten how funny it is. I especially liked this line:

White Goodman: Oh, hello Kate. I wasn't aware I was paying you to 'socialise'.
Kate: You're not - I'm off the clock.
White Goodman: Well isn't that convenient for you. And the clock.

Ha. Haha. I don't know why, but that made me laugh. Then again, I am a laugh whore, remember?
Before Dodgeball, I watched X-Men 3. I know what you're thinking - Wow, for someone who has 2 college assessments and a clothing collection due in less than two months, you sure watch alot of TV. Well, my answer to you is this: SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES, I DO WHAT I WANT!
Anyway, my mum watched X-Men 3 with me. Whenever my mum watches a movie with me, the same thing happens; I spend the whole time caught between feelings of amusement and utter rage at her reactions to whatever is happening on the screen. For example, you know that scene where Jean Grey morphs into Phoenix, and her eyes go all black, and her skin turns kind of maroonish and veiny and stuff? This is a normal persons response:

Normal Person: (Silently terrified)

And this is my mum:

Mum: Well, she needs a facial, doesn't she?

I tell you, listening to that woman is almost better than watching the movie itself.
Right. Now I've run out of pointless things to blog about, so I'm off. Hopefully by tomorrow something more exciting than fixing a DVD player or not finishing a movie will have happened to me. Maybe I'll go back in time by 19 years and get run over by a train - fingers crossed!

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