Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I don't know if I've talked about this yet, but I've been having some really wacked-out dreams lately.
I mean really crazy stuff.
So I'm trying to decide which one out of these two is more disturbing:

Life is pretty much the same as always, except Julia is dating Zac Efron, and we all live on a PnO cruise boat. So Zac comes up to me to ask for advice on how to propose to Julia - which he plans on doing with a blue engagement ring. And when I say 'blue engagement ring' I don't mean 'regular engagement ring, except that the stone is blue'. I mean 'the whole ring was blue, like it was made out of raspberry flavoured bubblegum or something.'
So I'm pretty blown away by this bubblegum-looking engagement ring, and I give Zac the advice, we talk for a while, blah blah blah, then I realise that the whole time, Zac has been wearing a dress. And not any dress, a kind of beige-y babydoll dress, which I happen to own in real life. So Zac is wearing my dress, and I'm wearing a blue version of my dress, then suddenly my friend Robbie appears, and he's wearing a green version of my dress. So we all look at each other, realise the whole dress situation (and get excited about it), then link arms and skip off to find Julia, so Zac can propose to her - in front of me and Robbie I guess.

I'm playing Peyton on an episode of One Tree Hill, and I have to make out with Pete Wentz from FallOut Boy.

Ok, so obviously its the second one.
What I'd like to know is, if I have to have celebrities in my dream, why can't I have the ones I actually like? I mean, Zac Efron and Pete Wentz?
It's not like I hate them, but come on, subconcious, would it kill you to throw a little Wentworth in?
Ah, whatever.

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