Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey. I don't really have anything interesting to blog about today, but I like the sound my keyboard makes when I type.
Here is a picture that never fails to make me laugh:

See? It never fails.

I've just discovered one of the funnest words in the English language to say is pancetta.
I've also just discovered that pancetta is not recognized by the Blogger Dictionary as an actual word. Hmm. Weird.
Anyway, back to pancetta. I was watching that episode of Friends where they go to England for Ross and Emily's wedding, and this waiter offers some food to Joey, more specifically, some "goats cheese, watercress and pancetta."
The way he says pancetta is awesome.
Its like pan-CHETTA!
It got me so excited, I actually went downstairs and looked in the pantry to see if we had any pancetta. If we did, I was going to grab it, bring it back upstairs and offer it to Catherine. I was hoping the conversation would go something like this:

Want some?

What is it?


But we didn't have any. Oh well.

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