Friday, February 13, 2009


You know what I really enjoy?

You know, those televised charity events, where people ring up and donate money? And they always have some obnoxious CEO like Eddie McGuire hosting, while a dozen actually likeable and popular celebrities sit in the background taking calls?
They're fun.

It's especially fun to watch telethons with Catherine. It makes me feel like a better person. Mainly because she says things like this:

Catherine: Hey Jacki, some idiot only donated twelve bucks! What is that?!
Jacki: (Poking head out of bathroom door) Hey, its better than nothing.
Catherine: Still, I can't believe they even announced it. I mean, twelve dollars? Stupid ten year old!

Um. Yeah.
The other thing I love about telethons is that they scroll the names of all the people donating along the bottom of the screen. Since I have probably the most boring and generic name in the world, this always entertains me. Like on tonights telethon, one of the pledger's names was Joanna McSwean.
Even better, there was somebody called - and I kid you not - Tell Abid Nod Ella Huck. I wondered if this was a real person, or just some teenage boys pranking. I suggested the prank theory to Catherine, who got all excited, and said we should call up and donate 20 bucks from Alotta Vagina.
Alotta. Vagina.
She is such an idiot.

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