Thursday, February 12, 2009

So my Mum just called me and told me that she accidentally ran over a cop on her way to work this morning, and now we have to move to Alice Springs and be fugitives.
Only kidding.
What would you guys do if I had to move to Alice Springs? Probably nothing. I mean, they have computers there, so its not like I would stop blogging. Plus Fugitive Blogs would be more interesting than Regular Blogs - If I was actually a fugitive, I'd be getting shot at, and having to push cars into bottomless ravines and stuff, but since I'm not, all I do these days is watch Alias and go to driving lessons.
Speaking of driving lessons, I'm about to have one. Good luck to my instructor. Or should I say, good luck to me, since my instructors Scottish accent is so strong that I can't understand anything he says. Oh well. Here's to hoping I don't run over any (more) cops!

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