Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recently, I discovered probably one of the most entertaining shows on TV: The Real Housewives of Orange County.
It's fantastic. It's up there on my list of Best Crappy Reality Shows - watch out, Bridezillas, you've got a contender for the throne.
I especially love watching it with Catherine, because she pretends to think its stupid, but she'll sit through a whole hour of it anyway. She loves it. We both love it. Our favourite Housewife is Vicki, mainly because every episode she gets drunk and humilates herself somehow. Also because she's had so much botox that her face kind of resembles a pig mask. If pig masks were to exist - maybe they do, who knows? I've never dressed up as a pig on Halloween, but I'm sure some freak going through a Lord of the Flies phase has. Whatever.

The best episodes are the reunion episodes, because all the 'Wives end up fighting with each other, while Andy Cohen - the Bravo Watch What Happens host guy - sits in the middle looking terrified. Then, when he tries to mediate, they all turn on him.
I love it.
Also, its great because you don't have to watch it from the very beginning to get into it. Mainly because the same things happen every episode:
  • Vicki will get drunk
  • Lauri will spend another $1,000,000 on her wedding
  • Jeana will bitch about how she's not losing any weight, then consume an entire chocolate slab cake
  • Somebody's son will be arrested
  • Somebody's son will get a tattoo
  • Someone will get divorced
  • Quinn will go on another awkward date with her almost-boyfriend Billy
  • Tamra will tell someone that she's 'The hottest housewife in Orange County'

So there. Now you know enough to go get addicted yourselves.

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