Monday, February 09, 2009

Ephipany: I am annoying

Here's how I know I'm annoying:

Mum: Hey. How was your day?
Me: Well... (Here, sensing that I'm about to launch into one of my 'rants', Mum kind of tunes out), the dishwasher got emptied - and then filled up with dirty dishes from around the house, the washing got brought in, my room was vacuumed and the recycling was taken out. I wonder who did all that? I'll give you a clue - IT WASN'T CATHERINE!
Mum: Hmm, is that right, sound nice..
Me: Mu-u-uuum

And thats when I realised.
Oh. My. Gosh.
I do that irritating stretch-the-word-out-so-it-has-as-many-syllables-as-possible-to-get-attention thing.
And here's the thing about the irritating stretch-the-word-out-so-it-has-as-many-syllables-as-possible-to-get-attention thing - ITS ANNOYING!

Oh. And I also do stuff like this:

Me: (Cutting into a watermelon) Oh snap...Catherine!
Catherine: Jacki, I'm watching a movie
Me: Catherine! Catherine! Seriously!!
Catherine: Jacki! Shut UP! I'm watching a movie
Me: Dude, just for a second -
Catherine: I'm sure it can wait
Me: Catherine, Catherine, Catherine, Catherine, Catherine, Ca-
Catherine: (Looking up) WHAT?!
Me: (Holds up melon) Look how red this watermelon is!!!

I apologise.

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