Friday, February 13, 2009

I don't know if it's because I've been watching so much Alias lately, but -
No. Scratch that. Let me start again.
I've been watching so much Alias lately that I have this idea in my head: Jennifer Garner and I should be friends. And not just because I think she's cool - I feel like she would also want to be friends with me. Like she would just get me, you know?
I really have no idea why I think this - she's a beautiful, accomplished actress with two kids and the ability to roundhouse kick bad guys in the face.
I'm...Jacki Trew.
But still. Here's how I think our first conversation would go:

Jacki: Jennifer Garner!
JenniferGarner: Jacki!
Jacki: You know my name?
JenniferGarner: Of course! I read your blog!
Jacki: Hey, thats cool. I read yours too.
JenniferGarner: I don't have a blog.
Jacki: Oh. Well if you did, I'd read it.
JenniferGarner: Haha. That's funny. You're funny. I'll make sure to tell your sister that. Want to write a movie together?
Jacki: Kay!

And so on, and so forth.
It's probably no surprise that I also feel like Wentworth Miller and I would get along. Here's how that first conversation would go:

WentworthMiller: Hi Jacki. I love you. Would you like to marry me?
Jacki: Yes, please.

So hey, Jen, Went. If you're reading - and lets face it, you probably are - don't be shy, give me a shout.

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