Monday, February 02, 2009

top ten

Alright so I'm going to do this bumper post on how much I love alias AND NOT because I just got done watching like six episodes, but because its 2.54am and I've just decided I am on a total mission to make you all watch it with me.
You know, like I did with Prison Break - which totally worked. On, like, 3 people.
You must watch - so here are The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Watch Alias:
10. There are only 5 seasons - so it's not that hard to sit down and watch every episode back to back. And trust me, once you start, you'll want to.
9. Victor Garber, and the fact that all his features are squished into the middle of his face - trust me, after looking at it for a straight 40 minutes, you'll notice too.
8. The last 5 letters of Australia's are ALIAS - I know I already blogged about this, but it was only brief, and this is still awesome to me. Really.
7. It's one of those shows that you don't really understand - but its STILL awesome. Thats a mark of good TV, right there.
6. It's got everything - romance, action, comedy, suspense! fight scenes, crying scenes, love scenes! I love it
5. Jennifer Garner wears like 5 different wigs per episode - and who doesn't love a good wig?
4. It's like 24, but more believable - this, I heard from someone else. I've never watched 24, but I hear its good. Great. Grand. So wouldn't a better version of 24 be...wonderful?
3. Marshall Flinkman - this guy, whose face looks like a foot:
WHAT UP?! I love it!
2. The Sydney/Vaughn love story - only to be rivaled by Bella and Edward from Twilight.
and the number one reason to start watching Alias?
1. Jennifer Garners laugh - it's (at times) even crazier than mine


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