Monday, February 09, 2009

Last night I had a dream I was at school.
But it wasn't one of those 'I was at school, but it wasn't really school, it was a PnO cruise ship. And the principle didn't look like the principle, she looked like this creepy kind of overweight stalker chick who was once in an episode of Bones, but she was still the principle, you know what I mean? Anyway, then a stage erupted out of the ground and we were suddenly all in the middle of a Rolling Stones concert, which was awesome, because I always wanted to see if Mick Jagger's legs really are as skinny in real life as they look on tv' kind of dreams. It was pretty much just like any other day at school.
Things happened in the dream that would really happen at school. Like, we had modern, and I talked through the whole thing, Mr Obrien was creepy and kind of child-like, and Jess and I snuck out to Chatswood during our free period to buy hot chips.
The only thing that was out of the normal was that I had to wear glasses. Like, prescriptive ones. Which was actually really fun since they were the thick framed rectangular type, kind of like the ones Martin Scorsese wears, only the insides were rainbow and stripey. So now if I ever have to get glasses, I know which kind I want.
The only class we didnt have was English, which might seem weird because we used to have English every day, but it isnt really, because anyone who knows me knows I always used to fall asleep in English. And I mean, falling asleep in a dream? Isn't that like being in a coma? I think my subconcious was just trying to save me from myself. Huh.

Anyway then I woke up and watched some of The Grammys. Here's the list of what I dont understand about The Grammys:
1. Why does everyone always make fun of them? Like, they don't really mean anything? Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer wins a Grammy, and when he tries to give it away, the guy goes 'Oh, cool, an award statue...ohhh, it's just a Grammy', and then throws it away? I dont get it!
2. Why was Paris Hilton invited?

I hope tonight I dream about being at The Grammys, and Paul McCartney coming up to me and answering both of these questions.
And then inviting me to perform with him on stage.

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