Monday, February 02, 2009

Probably not worth reading

I must have been doing alot of meaningless crap lately, because all I want to do is blog.
Ok, wait.
Lets make that a little more specific.
I must have been watching alot of meaningless TV lately, because all I want to do is blog about TV.
I typed 'alot' twice just then - ok, that time makes it three - and each time I did it, the spell-check wavy red lines came up to tell me that 'alot' is a spelling error. It should be a lot. But even though i knew I'd made two - ok, now its actually four - spelling mistakes, I didn't bother to go back and change it, because I was too amped up to write a blog about TV.
See how amped up I am? I am PSYCHED!
Maybe its because I'm watching Terminator 3 right now. Arnold Schwarznegger always ups my levels of psychitude.

I was watching some good old daytime TV the other day, and I happened across probably the best commercial I have ever seen in my life:

Now everyone who knows me knows I hate beer more than pretty much any other beverage, but I would down a tall frosty one just for that ad.

You know what show is awesome? that So You Think You Can Dance. Those kids can bust a move, yo. I love it. I love it even though it totally makes me feel like a disgusting lazy slob. Which I am. But still, nobody wants to hear that. Watching that show makes me want to put on a tiny sports bra and a pair of baggy white pants and get my dance on.
Hey, speaking of watching things and then wanting to do them, did anyone watch the tennis finals last night?
I did.
I wanted Roger Federer to win so bad. And not just because I love being able to shout 'go Rogie!' at the TV. But also because the other guy had really disgusting hair.
I've never sat down and watched a whole tennis match before, but that was awesome. And when Rog teared up during his speech? That was some moving stuff! So I watched the tennis finals, and then I watched 3 episodes of American Idol, then I watched a Bondi Rescue marathon, and then I watched Alias, and by the time I got done, it was like 5 in the morning, so I read a little of my book.
I'm reading this book at the moment called Prey. It was written by the same guy who wrote Jurassic Park. I heard he died a while back, but from his picture (which is on the back cover), he doesn't look that old, so I'm not sure if thats true.
Anyway, not the point. This is like the 5th time I've read this book, and every time I read it, it seems a little more stupid. Kind of like the Jurassic Park movies, I guess. Its about a group of scientists who develop this program called PREDPREY, its basically a huge swarm of nanoparticles, which escape from the lab and go on a killing rampage. I think a better name for the book would be The Swarm. Or maybe just Swarm.
My favourite part of the book - and also probably the most stupid part - is when the swarm develops the ability to mimic humans. So then this one guy is making out with his wife, but it turns out his wife is just the swarm. So he's macking on the swarm-wife, and then the nanoparticles go down his throat and, like, start eating him from the inside out.

I know, right? Where do I find these books? Between this one and Meg, its a wonder I'm not living in complete terror.

On a completely different note, I discovered today that there is a website called
Who is this person? I dont know, but I'm pretty sure they are my soul mate.
Well, they would be, if they didn't spell their name with an e on the end. That's just intolerable.
Although I probably can't afford to be that choosy with my soul-mate.
Like this personal ad I saw recently. It said:
Albino He-She seeks similar
I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but I don't think an Albino He-She can afford to be choosy either.

Alright well I've pretty much exhausted all topics.
Not really, but I should keep something for tomorrow.

I just remembered something else about that book I was talking about: The only way they can stop the swarm from like, entering their bodies, is by eating poo.
Oh yeah.
Its awesome

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