Tuesday, March 03, 2009

so much to tell you

Hey, remember me?
I used to be a girl who blogged alot. Now I'm just a girl.
I think I'd like to be that first girl again.

So the reason I've been AWOL for so long...No, wait, stop.
I have to admit something: I don't know what AWOL means. I mean, I know the gist of it, like it means I've been missing for a while, right? I just don't know what it stands for. Which wouldn't be such a huge deal, except that my mum has told me what it stands for, at least 206,000 times.
No, I lied. She's probably only told me 10 times, if that.
Now I'm so annoyed at myself for not know what AWOL stands for, that I'm going to google it.
So here I go.
*is googling AWOL*

AWOL = Absent WithOut Leave.

Now, back to regular conversation.
I mean, what we were talking about before I went crazy on AWOL.
So, I've been away for a week or so. I was feeling kind of bad about not blogging, but my loving sister Catherine assured me there was no need, since 'nobody reads that crazy crap anyway.'

Well. Thankyou, Catherine, for putting my fears at ease. However, I beg to differ, because I know for sure there are at least two other people who read this blog. AND I know three whole people who have read my book. So what if one of them is my Mum?
Anyway, like I said in the heading, there is so much to tell you, but I'm going to start another post to do it, since this one's filled up with AWOL and my sister.

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