Monday, March 16, 2009

So it's been a really nice 4 years, but...

I think I've decided to stop blogging.
Ha! Kidding. That was a total lie. I just wanted to send my many readers into a panic. You know, all one of you - hi mum!

Ok so to make up for telling that lie, here are two things that are very much true:
1) I just ate 6 plain Saos in a row, and then had to drink like a whole litre of water to cancel out the dryness factor. Damn you, Arnotts!
2) On wednesday night I have my first competitive game of netball in like 18 months. Oh, man. This is going to be amusing. The most exercise I've gotten in the past year is walking from the couch to the pantry and back.
Plus you know playing in halves is going to make it harder - we USED to play in quarters. At least then I had a chance. Now I have to move constantly for 25 minutes? Are you kidding?
I have to get my ass to the gym. Just my ass though - the rest of me is perfect.
No, that's a lie. The rest of me needs surgery.
Still, I wouldn't mind going to the gym. It's fun to name the different work-out machines. Then, as soon as you walk through the doors, you can sprint towards the one you want, screaming "I bags Susan! She's mine!! Hey, back off lady, she's MINE!!"
You know, not that I've ever done that.
MY machine of choice was always Linda.

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