Sunday, March 15, 2009

Here is a photo of my new tattoo, and an amusing story to go with it:

Ok. So here's the photo:

And here's the amusing story:

The guy didn't know how to spell peace. Yeah. He didn't know how to spell peace. I didn't get it. There was a guy before me, he wanted to get 'griffen' tattooed real big across his shoulders, and the dude who was doing his tattoo (who, coincidentally, was the same guy who did my first tattoo) was like "Griffen? G-R-I-F-F-E-N?", and when the guy was like "Yeah, thats right", he was still like "E-N? Not A-N, right?".

That, I get. I mean, who has even heard of griffen? Or griffan.
But peace?

So he is behind the counter, and calls out to me "How to you spell peace? It is P-E-A-S-E?"
And there was this silence, and then I looked at him and go "...No...It's P-E-A-C-E"
And then like 3 people laughed.
Dammit! I was so not nervous until this point! Screw the pain, what if this guy writes Pease on my skin???
Sigh. Whatever. I got over it.
I am not even kidding! While he was putting the transfer on, he's all "C-E, right?"
And then laughs!

It wouldn't be that bad, except for the fact that its on the back of my neck, so I can't even see it before he does it. I just had to rely on Gemma and Catherine's opinion. So a good friend would scrutinise the transfer, and give an honest judgement.
That's what Gemma did.
A bad friend would do what Catherine did:

Me: (turning to show the transfer) So it is in the middle? It's even? Should I get him to do it?
Catherine: Ohhh, ummm, yeah. It's pretty much in the middle
Me: (incredulously, and to the amusment of the other customers) Pretty much in the middle, or in the middle?
Catherine: (laughing)

Ugh! She is so getting her head shaved while she's asleep tonight.

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