Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rove's Final Five, Originally Intended For...Steve Coogan

Do you remember the first time you got drunk?
No, but I remember waking up the next morning covered in tattoos and wearing nothing but cowboy boots and a pink scarf.
Alright, that was a lie. Yes, I remember, it was at Jess Morto's 18th. The best part of that night: Ken's drunken speech. The worst part: there was only one toilet - for EVERYONE.

How did being in a hot tub with Arnold Schwarznegger affect your body image?
You know, not at all really. It's pretty obvious that I'm way more muscular than him.

Monkeys acting like people - funny or sad?
Sad. And kind of creepy.

Which character from Sesame Street would you sack?
Its weird, when I was little, I had this huge vendetta against Oscar The Grouch. I say weird because now he's probably the one I relate to the most. You know, seeings as I live in a garbage can and my whole body is covered with green hair and stuff. So it used to be Oscar, but now...probably The Count. The accent just bugs me.

What is the first thing you think of when you see this:
Hmmm. I'd tap that.
(The elephant I mean)

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