Sunday, March 15, 2009

I get that I'm weird, but there's thing one thing about me that I just can't figure out.
You know how when a bus is accelerating, it makes that really loud noise?
Like a regular engine, I guess, but like a thousand times louder?
That noise.
Not just like "I would prefer not to hear that".
No no.
I mean "I would chase down that bus, slash all the tires and strangle the driver if it weren't both illegal and physically impossible".
I can tell that when I'm old and senile and unable to stop myself from doing crazy stuff in public, I'm going to stand at busstops shaking my fist at every bus that goes past. Thats all I'll do. All day. Maybe take a lunch break, but basically, the bus thing will be my life.
Something to look forward to.

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