Thursday, March 12, 2009

today, for the very last time, I...

Got a tattoo.
No, really. I think this is the last one. I think I'm done. For two reasons, mostly.
First of all, it hurts like a wanky tit basket, and second of all, I can't think of anything else I would want to get.
I mean, apart from Voldemort's face on the back of my shaved skull. But I think that's going to be pretty pricey, so I'll give it a miss.

Ok, so getting a tattoo is always fun no matter what, but this particular visit was pretty freaking awesome. My favourite parts:
1) When this guy came in, and he had a completely shaved head, and then this seedy seedy rats tail (I mean this thing was disgusting. It was like 10 inches long. And plaited!) and me and Gem loudly discussed what would be more fun, pulling it really hard, or just chopping it off
2) When this, like, 45 year old woman wearing a business suit and pearls came in, and you could tell everyone was thinking 'wow, most unlikely person to get a tattoo ever', and then I said it out loud
3) When I forgot how old I was

Let me explain the last one. Ok, so there is this guy that has done some of my tattoos called Brett, and every time I go there, he asks to see my ID, since, I dont know, I guess he doesn't believe I'm 18.
Anyway, so I told him what I wanted and then he looks at me and frowns and goes 'how old are you?'
And I go 'Umm...' and then PAUSED because I actually had forgotten.
Then I went 'Um, 18'
Then there was like 2 seconds of silence, and then I go 'NO, WAIT, 19!!'.
Then I did this crazy manic laugh, and say 'I forgot! I just had a birthday!'

(ok, and I know I said I was turning 18 again this year, AND I STILL AM, its just that I figured I better not lie to the man with the tattoo gun, since, you know, he really could tattoo Voldemort's face on me. Because, you know, I was just kidding when I said I wanted to get that)

Anyway, so by this point, pretty much everyone (including Gemma and Chate) are looking at me like I'm crazy, which I am, but come on, the look just isn't necessary.

Ok, on a completely different note, did anyone watch Home and Away last night? Can you answer me this question? IS THAT MARTHA'S REAL HAIR? Really? Really? I mean, yes, the headscarf was getting a little ridiculous since she had chemo like 2 years ago, so them trying to pretend she is still bald is pretty unrealistic.
But this? This...bowl cut?
I hope for her sake its a wig.

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